GZ-Affiliation for Artists
- Exhibitions, promotion and encouragement for Visual Artists.

We welcome Visual Artists from all over and using any media to become a member of GaleriaZero
and to participate in international collective and individual exhibitions. As well being promoted by means of personalized landing pages, press releases and publications in social media, cultural agendas and art magazines. As well our recent updated "GZ-Artnews" will be an important tool.
We present 3 options of membership. Basic, Pro and Pro+ at reduced costs and including - besides considerable discounts for participation in international exhibitions - one free participation per year in a collective exhibition in Barcelona.
Though all professional artists can become a member, for most exhibitions there is a selection procedure in line with the characteristics of the show. As we will study the work of all members rigorously we as well will send personalized proposals in order to offer the most appropiate exhibition opportunities.
Becoming an affiliate means as well that you can make an unlimited use of www.artistportfolios.eu where you can publish and share works and video,s, create blogs and groups.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you as one of our affiliates !!!

All media will be considered including painting, photography, video, installation-art and performance.



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